Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My mother had a friend in the Rainbow, and this woman had a sister living only three blocks from us in Decatur.  Her name was Marge and she had five children and a husband exhausted from working the two jobs it took to support this family.

Mary began visiting them while we lived on Henderson, but by the time we moved to Indiana Court, she was spending the entire day every day with Marge.  She would arrive shortly after she dropped us at school and she would stay until it was time for Delmar (Marge’s husband) to come home.  She followed this routine for years and whether Marge enjoyed her daily visits or just couldn’t think of a nice way to say, “You’re here too much,” I couldn’t say.

I have often asked myself what I would do in Marge’s place, but the truth is that I have never had a friend who imposed on me the way my mother did on Marge. Her type of friendship was far from normal.

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