Mother and The Wizard of Oz

Wizard of OzThroughout her life, Mother had a connection with “The Wizard of Oz”. It began when she took her brother and sister to the movie and treated them to popcorn and candy. This became a special memory they never forgot. She spent her life trying to find happiness somewhere over the rainbow. However, it was elusive and seemed always out of her grasp.

She had children and they were not the answer. Her first husband (our dad) was a successful attorney but that didn’t help. Mother tried to figure it out over and over and it seemed when she was the happiest was when she was away from her family.

Later in life when she fled to California, Mother had escaped the flying monkeys and although she was not over the rainbow, she was over the moon in love with being free. Where others would find a family its own reward, Mother had been brought down by the unbearable chore of responsibility.

One might surmise that she should never have had children, but if she hadn’t had my sister Abby and me, we would not be here and the fabulous man we were blessed to call our dad would not have been in our lives. Now that would have been tragic!

As far as the flying monkeys, Abby and I learned early on that there were way worse things in life.

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