Mary Helps Out

English: Christmas fruitcake

English: Christmas fruitcake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As my father worked 40 hours a week and attended Law School, my mother decided she would help out. Her first endeavor was to apply at Marshall Field’s in the tea room as a waitress. She was hired and told to purchase a white uniform and white shoes. My dad put out the money as an investment in their future.

Imagine his surprise when she quit after the first week and then refused to pick up her paycheck. “They need it worse than I do,” she told my father. He was quite sure she was mistaken.

Her next offer of help occurred at Christmas time. She volunteered to make gifts for all of the family members receiving presents. Once again my father was surprised when he showed up at the post office with fruitcakes and discovered the expense of mailing these extremely dense items. He always said he could have purchased lovely gifts for everyone for what those fruitcakes cost in postage.


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