Mother Joins Great Books

Cat eye eyeglasses framesAfter we moved to Decatur, Mother was looking for an outlet. She selected the Great Books program that met on Tuesday night at the library as her opportunity to get away from her family and meet new people.

My sister Lindy, Dad, and I looked forward to these outings even more than Mother did. On her Great Books night, Mother hurried to prepare and serve the meal she generously called dinner. Sometimes, she didn’t have time for a meal and Dad would take us to the grocery store and select delicious items that he, Lindy, and I enjoyed. Dad was actually a pretty good cook, but he was not allowed in the kitchen unless the self-proclaimed Betty Crocker was gone. We would delight in a pleasant dinner with lots of laughter on the Great Books night.

In her Great Books program Mother must have met several people, but the only one Lindy and I ever met was Dr. Pete. He was a local optometrist and like Mother, he enjoyed a drink. Lindy and I were in his office often getting our eyes checked by someone who had trouble seeing the eye chart himself. He met Lindy, Mother, and me outside on the sidewalk which was a dead give-away to the amount of business he had.

One time, after my order of pink sequined Cat-woman frames came in, he broke them while trying to adjust them. He laughingly informed me that he would not be able to re-order them since he was “having trouble” with that company. Instead he ordered a light blue and black Cat-woman frame that I wore for one school year much to my consternation. Mother said I was just being too picky and that one frame was no different from the next. When it came to disagreements between her children and anyone else, you could always count on her being for “Anyone Else.”

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