Mary learns to drive a car

Cover of "Driving Lessons"

Cover of Driving Lessons

Mary had never learned to drive a car and when we moved to Henderson Street, she began to see the need to drive. Dad would take her out with Lindy and me in the backseat praying we were not going to meet Jesus that evening. She drove in an erratic manner and on one occasion ended up in a cornfield. That seemed to be the end of Dad’s driving lessons.

However, she talked a friend from across the street into helping her learn and eventually she was ready to take her test. When she went to the testing center, a man got into her car to observe her during the driving test. Something about him set her off, and she proceeded to make left hand turns when he asked her to make a right. When he asked her what she was doing, she announced she was returning him to the drivers’ license testing station. Needless to say, she had to return at a later date to earn her license.

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