Mary makes Jello

Jell-OWhen Mary decided to make Jello, it became a major production.  Abby and I were banned from the kitchen as she slammed and banged all over the place.  There was lots of muttering and noise so we thought it must be quite the task.  After Mary finished, she warned Abby and I not to open the refrigerator.  I’m not sure if she thought the Jello would fall or be ruined if we looked at it.

Abby and I found out later in life that making Jello was just about the easiest side dish you could fix.  The only thing to it was you had to plan ahead.  Mary did not like plans of any sort so the fact she had it ready for dinner time was really a feat.

When she brought it out it was as if she expected a round of applause.  I guess because she had actually prepared it ahead of time, she was disappointed with our reaction.  Abby and I did not see what the big deal was about a big bowl of gelatin. Another moment that Mary remembered about our ungratefulness.

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