What’s Poppin’?

PopcornBy now you realize that Mary spent 90% of her life on a diet; however, she never seemed to lose much weight.  That mystery was solved by my sister on those evenings when she did not go to sleep right away.  About an hour after we had gone to bed, my sister would hear a pop, pop, popping sound that could only signify one thing—Mary was making popcorn.

This was not any old air-popped, no butter creation–oh no!  She loved her popcorn cooked in oil and lathered with butter and salt.  It was absolutely delicious and it was only made late at night when I was asleep.

Mary would place her popcorn in a large wooden bowl and then pour on the butter.  When she went to sit back down in her large green recliner, Lindy would be up and asking for some of the yummy, buttery treat.  I’m sure she didn’t want to share with Lindy; however, she may have realized eating the whole bowl was going to shatter the myth that she never ate.  So she shared and not only that, from some mysterious hiding place she retrieved pop!  Lindy delighted in telling me, “We had popcorn and pop last night!”

As for the large wooden bowl, the next day it was wiped out (none too carefully) and pressed into service as a salad bowl.  Mary would cut up lettuce and pour lots of vinegar and oil into the bowl.  The bowl was never washed and it always had the flavor of butter in it.

Neither my sister nor I have a wooden salad bowl for this reason.

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