Mother Plays Scrabble

Mother and her very good friend Marge enjoyed board games. Once Mother had gotten rid of my sister and me at school, she would hightail it over to Marge’s. The first thing out of her mouth would be:

Is the coffee on?

They drank coffee all day long and sometimes into the night. Next, Mother would ask if the Scrabble board was ready. Marge would get it out of the box and the two of them would begin another marathon Scrabble tournament.

One of the more interesting details in all this was that Mother never taught us how to play Scrabble nor did she wish to engage us in any manner of fun. She loved playing board games just not with her own children. We knew to make our own fun and did not expect her to help us in anything that could be considered normal.

Mother would sometimes talk about her high score that day and that she used some special tiles to win. We had no idea what she was talking about. We did know that the more time she spent away from us, the happier she seemed.

To this day, I’m not sure if it was the coffee or the game playing, but it seemed to be a great way to spend your day. Much better than tidying up your home or getting a job. So much for calling her a stay at home mom because she was truly never home.

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