Another Near Death Experience

It's My Party (song)The last December our little family of four was together, we decided to go out to celebrate my fifteenth birthday.  We had a lovely meal and when we returned home there was a surprise birthday party given by my one-time boyfriend Dale.

Unfortunately, he was unable to attend having a previous engagement with a young lady he was currently dating.  If you have ever heard Leslie Gore sing “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I  Want to,” then you know how the party went.

The following Monday morning I was sick.  I felt awful and just knew I could not make it at school.  Mary, who had had quite enough of the family togetherness and was looking forward to her kid-free Monday, took her usual tactic and said, “Come on.  You’ll feel better once you get to school.”

This time I knew I wouldn’t feel better and I resisted.  She countered with, “Okay, but I am taking you to the doctor and once he says you are fine, you are going to school.”  Usually, that threat worked right way, but today I just felt drained and said, “Fine.”

Dr. Reader examined me and then scheduled me for a chest x-ray.  When we finished with the x-ray, I was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.   I was in the hospital for one week and our family had no health insurance!  She and my dad took turns visiting me which was a tip-off of things to come.

Mary never once said she was sorry for doubting me.

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