Mother’s Beginning Part 1

Some might say that it is good to begin at the beginning. Our mother’s history certainly had some bumps in the road. However,  it is what you do with that history that makes all the difference.

Mary Josephine was born in 1922 to Garland and Olive. In her early life, she would find herself moved from place to place due to her mother’s frail health in battling tuberculosis. Her mother spent months in a sanatorium away from Mary and her siblings. Mary was the oldest and thus became the caregiver for the little ones, a role she grew to hate.

Her mother passed away when Mary was eleven years old and her life again was one of constant upheaval. Her maiden aunt had promised her mother on her deathbed to look after her children. She chose not to keep her word. Mother’s dad was off trying to make a living and maintain an active social life, so had little interest in being a parent to his three offspring. They moved frequently and Mother missed a great deal of school since she was in charge of her brother and sister and needed to provide babysitting services.

Mother came to resent the obligations thrust at her and would never forget the torture of not being allowed to be a kid. She found the experience to be life changing and would always remind you of her early years and the difficulties she endured.

My sister and I knew about hardships but could not equate her experiences with her out of control behavior. Mother was angry about lots of things and I guess she had never heard that it is up to each individual to take responsibility for themselves. Actions speak louder than words but her actions and words were tied as to which was louder.

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