Mary’s big imagination

Cover of "Welcome Home (Maison Ikkoku, Vo...Mary loved to spin tales about how idyllic parts of her childhood were, when in truth they were far from it.  One of her tales she would tell was about the time she and Cousin Billy went to school.

They were with their Grandmother Taylor and had been bugging the daylights out of her to go to school even though they weren’t old enough.  According to Mary their Grandmother asked the teacher if they could come for part of the day.  The teacher was delighted to welcome them into the one room schoolhouse and so their education began.

The only problem with all this is that Billy does not remember any of it.  In fact he was out west with his parents where they were living at the time.

Imagination is a funny thing.  I guess you could say Mary imagined the good times because her real life was so lonely without her mother.  She repeated these stories so often that they became real.

The fact that she was unable to attend school when looking after her siblings made quite an impact on her.  I believe she envied Abby and me because we were able to go to school uninterrupted.

Mary also spun tales about putting our Dad through law school, putting us through college, cooking skills that came close to Julia Child’s and taking credit for how well we turned out.

The truth is Dad worked and studied his way through law school on the GI Bill, our Dad sent us to college, Mary’s cooking was known far and wide for making people sick and the fact Abby and I turned out as well as we did, is because of one person, our Dad.

Vernon H. was our hero, our confidante and our steadfast parent that proved you could not only go home again, you would be greeted with open arms!





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