Mother’s Diets

Mother struggled with her weight and would try any new diet plan she heard about.  One of her favorites was cottage cheese, baloney and a tomato.  We’re not sure if she was supposed to eat this combination three times a day or whenever she felt like it.  We did find out quickly that we were never to touch her special food.

TomatoShe also tried the hamburger patty, cottage cheese and tomato diet.  Not too different from the baloney one.  One of the main problems with these diets was that our mother craved bread.  Since she was denying herself this treat, her mood was more than unpleasant.  We quickly learned to steer clear of her when she was dieting.

Once she had completed (by which I mean quit) her latest diet, we also learned not to ask what she was eating now.  Since she was a secret eater, we usually could not catch her eating much of anything.

Later in our lives, Abby and I would ponder Mother’s strange relationship with food.  Was she a food addict?  Or was food simply a more acceptable form of addiction?  All I can say is she was unhappy when she dieted and unhappy when she didn’t.

The weight loss journey would continue into her late eighties.  She prided herself on losing weight in the “home”.  Abby and I found this to be far from normal.

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