Mother’s Early Life – Part II

World's Best Dad CoasterMother had a rather rough start in her early life and it seemed her continued history was not too promising either. She left school before graduating from high school and joined the Army. This career move was not successful either as she was dishonorably discharged after becoming pregnant. The baby was adopted and although my sister and I had our suspicions as to who she was, our paths never crossed.

Our grandfather had remarried and was living in Chicago with his blended family. So, off to Chicago Mother went, hoping to be reunited with her Dad. The only problem was that Garland, her father, had neglected to mention our mother to his new wife. Imagine the surprise when they opened the door and there was Mary. Needless to say, it was not the family reunion most of us would wish for.

Mother met our Dad soon after the unhappy reunion. They got married and began getting ready to welcome my sister Abby into the world. Two years later I was born into this family and the rest is history as they say.

My sister and I always say that the best thing Mother did was bring our dad to us. The fact they got together was unbelievable in some ways considering their personalities but Abby and I were the lucky ones because we could never have asked for a better Dad. We have been blessed! Another gold medal for Mother.

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