Mary’s Insomnia

Eurasian Eagle Owl. Français : Hibou grand-duc...Mary always said she suffered from insomnia and blamed that for her moods, her inability to ever get anything done, lack of energy and all around nasty disposition.  The truth is she slept on and off during the day when she wasn’t playing Scrabble with Marge.  Many times Abby and I would find her in the green recliner snoring to beat the band.  If you ever mentioned this to her, you learned quickly that she did not take kindly to being called out.

It was not too difficult to figure out that if you slept on and off during the day, you would be unable to sleep at night.  She was not suffering from insomnia or was a night owl, as she professed.  It quickly became clear to Abby and me that what she suffered from was an acute case of laziness peppered with severe depression and negativity.  In other words, Mary was far from normal.

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