Mother’s Moods

Our mother was a heavy (and somewhat secret) drinker all of her life. But she was not only a drinker. She at one time found out about a little pill called Milltown which was used for anxiety and was actually a tranquilizer. It became known as “the happy pill”. Unfortunately for my sister and I, it did not work, or at least we did not notice her mood being elevated by this miracle drug.

I am sure that if you were Various pillsprescribed this medicine, you were not supposed to drink alcohol. Well, Mary being Mary, she always wrote her own rules and did not allow instructions or warnings to get in her way.

The combination of the alcohol and the pills was not a good mix. One was an upper and the other a downer so together her moods were just as unpredictable as always.

She continued the abuse of the pills and alcohol until her doctor refused to fill her prescription. She would later say that she stopped on her own because she did not want to be addicted to “mood pills.” I guess being addicted to alcohol and food was enough for her.


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