No Deposit, No Return

One of the things about our mother was that she was about as disorganized as anyone you’ve ever known.  They say those with creative minds are often known as messy types.  Well, Mother was just a plain mess.

Tesco ReceiptWhen Christmas shopping, she never saved a receipt in case it arose later that you may need to exchange the item or did not care for the color or style. No! She was sure that you would absolutely love it, or if you did not love the gift, her attitude was much like the oft repeated quote of Joy Behar:

So what!  Who cares?

You either liked it or did without.

My sister and I quickly learned as we got older and wished for the latest style to do the opposite of Mother’s fashion advice. One Christmas, when I was particularly chunky, she bought me a plaid jumper that, you guessed it, accentuated all my fat deposits and did nothing to help me look a bit thinner.

Oh how I wished that I could return it so I could get something a bit more flattering. However, with Mother’s lack of organization, no receipts and her attitude, you either wore the jumper or did without.

Some children looking at a selection of Christmas giftsThe truth is that there is also a no return policy on your family. Although there have been many times Abby and I would have wanted to return our mother, she did two fabulous things in her life for which we are forever grateful. She married our dad and gave me a sister.For both of those gifts I can never thank her enough!

Our stepmother Beatrice also did something wonderful. She gave Abby and I a new sister and brother whose presence has enriched our lives tremendously! Blessings sometimes come in messy, disheveled packages.  But family, even a far from normal one, is forever!

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