On the bus to Marengo

CandyMany times we took the bus to Marengo. On one particular occasion, my mother became acquainted with a man also traveling on the bus. He and Mother sat as far away from Lindy and me as possible, and in order to keep us from interrupting their rendezvous the man got off the bus and purchased a giant bag of candy. We were not accustomed to having candy, so we e ate every bit of it—probably as fast as we could. We both ended up throwing up on the bus much to my mother’s disgust.

Aunt Edna always said she loved to see my mother come for a visit, but she sure enjoyed seeing her go. One summer when Aunt Edna’s two youngest boys were in high school, a carnival was in town. Since my mother had no intention of watching us, Aunt Edna made Jimmy and Sammy do it. The boys took us around for a while, but they soon lost interest in two annoying cousins. They then asked us to go on the Ferris wheel which we were delighted to do. They had us in two separate seats and they began furiously swinging the seats. I was terrified and Lindy threw up as soon as we got off the contraption. It was back to Mother for both of us while the cousins had the rest of the evening to themselves.

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