Peanut Brittle Part 2

Golden peanut brittle cracked on a serving dish.When we were children, our mother was involved in a local Girl Scouts group as an assistant leader. The people in the troop were virtual strangers to all of us. Mother, being far from normal, loved spending time with helping those she did not know. Luckily for me, she was in charge of the dues for the group.

One day when she was asleep (or possibly passed out drunk), I crept into the room and “borrowed” a five dollar bill. I tried to hide my excitement and slowly left the apartment for George’s Candy Store. Once I was on the sidewalk, I flew to my destination. I ran right up to the peanut brittle counter where George met me and asked if I had any money. When I ordered $5.00 worth of peanut brittle, his mouth dropped. I showed him the money and he asked if my mother knew I was buying this much candy.

I had learned to be quick on my feet and came up with a snappy comeback.

My mother sent me here to pick up some treats for her Girl Scout troop.

Little did I know that these words – my “big lie” that I thought was extremely clever – would come to pass way too soon.

I left with my huge bag of peanut brittle and ate as much as I could on my way home. Hoping not to waken the sleeping giant, I tiptoed into the apartment. Unfortunately, my mother had already regained consciousness. She grabbed the peanut brittle and began interrogating me about it.

I was at a loss and had to admit the truth. My punishment was to give the candy to the Girl Scouts after my true confession of stealing from them. Mother was by my side, not for moral support, but so she could grab me up and twist my arm out of the socket if I tried to run. I was so tearful in my remarks and admitted I had learned my lesson. The Girl Scouts gobbled up all the peanut brittle and that was when I realized the real lesson: try to never get caught!

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