Playing at Department Stores

The Macy's flagship department store with the ...

The Macy’s flagship department store with the famous brownstone at 34th and Broadway. Français : Façade du magasin principal à New York Svenska: Macy’s varuhus i New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lindy and I loved to go shopping.  Mary would deliver us to the department store and tell us to amuse ourselves while she was gone.  Then she would disappear and we would proceed to the nearest escalator and start going up the down and vice versa.  We would continue this game until the people at the store demanded we stop.  Then we would start looking for Mary.

Once in Decatur, Mary discovered the store department at Sears.  She would deposit us in the general area of the shoes and tell us to keep ourselves entertained by x-raying our feet until she came back.  I realize stores today do not have x-ray machines but back then it was considered a marvelous tool for seeing whether the shoe provided room for a child’s foot to grow.  Most children did it once and left with their parents.  Lindy and I stuck our feet in the machine many, many times and found looking at the bones in our feet quite entertaining.  I just hope our feet do not fall off one day from too much radiation.

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