Reverence for Books

As I was driving down the road yesterday, much to my dismay, I saw a hardback book in the middle of the street being run over by several passing vehicles. Horror of horrors! I was greatly saddened by the demise of the book because my sister Abby and I have great reverence for all literature, printed material and books of any kind.

Dog eared bookOur family, including the Twisted Sisters (our mother Mary and our stepmother Beatrice) loves to read. Beatrice also had a great fondness for books and like every other possession, tried to keep them in pristine condition. Mary, you might know, was once again the exact opposite. From bending pages back to remind her where she left off to burned edges, coffee stains and other mysterious amber colored marks and actually writing in the books, she did not have the same reverence for books that the rest of us did.

It did not matter if the book was borrowed from the public library or a dear friend, if she wanted to bend the pages and wreck the binding, she did just that. Once again the rules did not apply to her.

LibraryMy sister and I always have made great use of the public library. There is a calm that comes over you when you walk in the door and (except for the occasional whining kid) you can actually collect your thoughts, browse through the stacks of materials and sit in a comfortable chair to begin your next adventure inside the pages of your latest pick.

We especially love mysteries and the less gory the better. We are more about solving the case than scaring ourselves half to death. Janet Evanovich with her wonderful Stephanie Plum in books like One for the Money is one of our favorites for light mystery and comedy relief. We also enjoy the lettered mysteries by Sue Grafton, like A is for Alibi. We delight in finding a new author and being able to share that with one another.

Tragic Life StoriesBecause of our own upbringing, we find reading about dysfunctional families very familiar and enjoy the trials, tribulations and triumph of the human spirit. It restores our faith in humanity and the resilience of us all.

There seems to be some talk that it won’t be long until books are no longer published and we will all be using Kindles or Nooks. Try snuggling up to a Kindle at night for some reading pleasure. Machines, no matter how small, will never take the place of a good old fashioned book.

Reading has been our fantasy getaway when we were little and our escape from life’s issues as adults. Books truly are our drug of choice and we are addicted.

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