School clothes shopping

Window shoppingOnce we returned from Indiana, it seemed the beginning of school was right around the corner. One of our fall rituals was shopping for new school clothes and supplies. Mary always made it out to be quite an ordeal.

After a full morning of window shopping (which I hate to this day!) we would go to Walgreen’s for lunch. Our mother was never pleased with the lunch offerings and always wanted to start a fight with the waitress about why they should offer certain items and how they should cook it. By the time we actually ordered, our stomachs were churning and we had lost our appetites.

I found these shopping excursions quite exhausting. Mary was the final say on what was purchased and she chastised us about the cost, the need to keep them nice, and the fact that there would be no new school clothes until the next year, “So, you both better make these last!” The threat issued meant even though you are both growing, you better make sure you don’t outgrow these clothes.

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