School Is Cool – But Not In A Wool Skirt

When I had graduated to junior high, Mother insisted I get two wool skirts and sweaters for my new school clothes. She insisted that since it was fall, the clothing would not be too warm. Of course, I always wanted to wear my new outfits on the first day so even though it was quite warm, off I went to my new school. A school without air conditioning.

I almost sweated to death that first day and did get lots of strange looks from one and all. Since I never did enjoy having water falling from my nose, armpits and just about every body part, by the end of the day I was soggy and exhausted. When Mother finally arrived to pick me up, she took one look at me and said how awful I looked. Way to go, Mary! Boost that self esteem!

Why in the world would you wear wool when it is so damn hot?  What is wrong with you?

she berated me.

Of course, it was my fault for wearing the new clothes and listening to her about the weather. I learned another valuable lesson that day. I hate wool! It is scratchy, hotter than Hell, and not necessary unless you are an Eskimo living in Antarctica or The North Pole. I learned another valuable lesson that day: never listen to the weather report from an amateur like my mother, Mary.

I have never purchased anything with wool to this day. I will take comfort over itchy and know that I have not caused any little lambs to be shorn on my account.

I also learned that Mother’s taste and style was not mine and that I needed to get my fashion tips from someone who didn’t dress in short shorts and tank tops when they weighed  a bit under two hundred pounds. Never a fashion plate but boy did she love to dish out fashion tips.

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