MILFORD, CT - DECEMBER 27: The empty parking l...One day Dad asked me if I knew how to drive a standard shift car.  I knew if I said no that it meant there would be no new car for me.  I embellished my response with a hearty yes and could not wait to get behind the wheel.

Dad and I headed downtown to his law office.  I dropped him off and Dad went upstairs to begin his day.  I got in on the driver’s side and proceeded to try to drive.

The truth is I had never driven a standard shift car in my life.  I ground the gears over and over until my Dad came downstairs.  He drove me over to the Sears parking lot and taught me how to shift gears.  He told me to practice until I got it right at which time I could drive home.  He walked back to his office and said, “Don’t leave until you know how to drive this car safely.”

I stayed in the parking lot for about thirty minutes and then felt comfortable heading home.  Away I went, the proud student who had learned a new skill!

Dad believed in Abby and me over and over again in our lives.  That gave us the confidence to try new things and never be afraid of a challenge.

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