We’re Only As Sick As Our Secrets

Drinking alcohol in aluminum glasses was one of Mother’s favorite “tricks.” You could not see through it so didn’t know for sure what was in the glass. She would always say it was just “good, cold water.” I wondered water and what? Whiskey, gin or vodka? She also refused to share a sip with my sister Abby or me. Another telltale sign.

Mother made sure to keep the glass close by so she could consume the entire drink.

It was odd because when Mother did drink water, she usually drank water straight from a pitcher that she kept in the refrigerator. Abby and I always loved a good mystery so would try to figure out what Mother was up to.

Later in life, we became familiar with the saying “Don’t try to out-think crazy” and gave up on our logic-based attempts to understand her behavior. But at this point in our lives, we were still somewhat naive.

We gathered clues and asked our dad if she could be a closet drinker. Dad wanted to make sure we didn’t think she was an out of control boozer, so he said he didn’t think she had a problem.

A glass of sweet teaOf course, by this point in life, Abby and I knew Mary was a mother made of problems. We decided Dad wanted us to keep this information between the three of us so we rarely discussed it.

Secrets in families are as common as sweet tea in the south. Now Abby and I had a secret and learned later in life it was one shared by many families.

In time, we learned that all families have secrets, some are just more outrageous than others. Dad always said we had an interesting family and he was right.

You can’t choose your family, but you can choose whether to laugh, cry or go for the gold by pouring your heart out on the internet!



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