Soap Opera Expert

Mother never watched soap operas because she thought she was too good for them. They were way beneath her and her intellectual ability. Whenever anyone brought up the latest happenings on the daytime dramas, our mother would begin her lecture on how anyone could waste their time on such drivel.

DSM IVShe proclaimed that she could not, in good conscience, rot her mind in that way. Usually the person trying to discuss the shows would quickly change the subject, hoping Mother would shut up. Nice try! My sister Abby and I knew it was almost impossible to get her off her soap box, so to speak.

The next thing you knew, Mother would tell her audience that she tried to watch soap operas at one time. The episode she watched had a woman involved in a car accident. According to her, she did not watch again for several years. The next time she tuned in, an ambulance was arriving to help the woman involved in the accident.

Now no one believed her story but they had learned to never question her. They had seen her in action and usually were either smart enough or too tired to take her on.

Her reputation among many was that she would never admit a mistake or give in. To argue with her was a mistake in judgment. Once people learned how tenacious she was, they did not enter into battle with her.

When Uncle Harley married his second wife, he came down to Decatur for the lovely wedding. I know you are thinking:

Who in the world would choose to visit Mother when getting married?

I think Uncle Harley just wanted to be with his brother for the happy day, and perhaps his impending wedding had damaged his judgement. His wife’s sister stole my Kodak camera, and my mother was livid. There was no way she was going to let her get by with that sort of behavior.

You have to give back the camera.

my mother said.  She got louder and more demanding, which was her mode of handling problems. Eventually, the woman gave up and my camera was returned. Most people learned not to continue fighting with her because she never gave up.

My sister and I learned this lesson early in our lives and also came to the conclusion that you are not responsible for a crazy relative’s behavior. And Mother most certainly fit the bill there. I never saw her papers that said she was sane. I doubt she had any unless she paid to have them forged.

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