Sunday morning comics

Cuckold Dagwood: Crisis on Infinite Hadrons (P...Our Dad started lots of wonderful family traditions that continued with the grandchildren.  Abby and I loved Sunday morning because it meant a day spent with our Dad.

He would drop us off at whatever church we were attending at the time and return after the service.  Then we were off on another great adventure with our imaginations leading the way.  Our dad encouraged us to seize the moment and relish the special times we spent together.

One of our favorite places to go was the soda fountain at Walgreen’s.  We would sit at the counter and order nickel Cokes.  (Yes, that’s right, a small Coke was only 5 cents!)  Abby and I would twirl on the stools until we were dizzy as we laughed and giggled, not a care in the world.

Once we returned home, Dad would grab the Sunday funnies and sit down on the couch.  Abby on one side and me on the other, he would begin reading.  He used voices for the different characters and made it a favorite time for the three of us.

Mary was somewhere in the shadows, not a part of our ritual, which made it even more significant.  Our dad was determined to make our lives as normal as possible and refused to allow Mary to ruin our childhood.  Gratefulness comes in many different forms.  Abby and I were blessed with a loving, caring, hands on Dad who demonstrated such grace amidst all the craziness. Thanks Dad!

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