Swimming lessons

Swimming lesson

One Saturday in the childhood of my sister Lindy and me, my mother ceremoniously announced:

I have purchased 12 sessions of swimming lessons for you, Abby.

This really didn’t surprise me since earlier she had unexpectedly enrolled me in modern dance and baton lessons. My sister Lindy also was enlisted in the modern dance lessons and then took tumbling and tap dance at Mother’s direction. So the swimming lessons just seemed like another item in her long wonderful list of opportunities she was providing to her daughters. You know, kind of like the opportunities they provide to inmates in prison to better themselves.

I took the first set of lessons and did fine except that I could not breathe through my nose while swimming. I repeated the class with the same results whereupon Mother announced that I was through wasting the swimming lessons and my sister would take all of the remaining sessions.

My sister Lindy, it turned out, was a great swimmer and she enjoyed taking all the classes and passing them the first time. As for me, I still do not breathe while swimming.

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