Talking Cows

Have you ever driven down the highway and noticed talking animals? If you were lucky enough to be in the car with our dad, you would have heard them talking. Now their voices were very similar to that of his childhood neighbor, Dora Wiese from Minnesota, who yelled to get to the cyclone cellar.

CowsAs you drove by, Dad would have the farm animals – cows, pigs, sheep or goats – yell out your name and say how happy they were to see you. The conversation would continue with the animals wishing us a happy trip and they would see us on our way back.

This activity was a favorite of my sister and me, and later Dad’s grandchildren. It was pure and joyful and very serendipitous.

As for Mother, she used her imagination in other ways. She imagined that Dad, Abby and I were members of a secret club and she was not allowed into the clubhouse or privy to the secret handshake.  In a way, she was right! Our club was the Simple Pleasures Club.

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