The Best Is Yet To Come

ResilienceHow fitting that the famous crooner, Frank Sinatra, would have the words, ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ on his tombstone. During our trials and tribulations, my sister Abby and I have always felt that in life the best is yet to come. That has kind of been our philosophy. We knew it sure couldn’t get any worse considering some of the aforementioned escapades with Mother, which is a kind way of saying “a boatload of crazy!”

LaughDad always felt that it was healthy to look for the good in most situations, even those involving ‘The Twisted Sisters”, our mother Mary and our stepmother Beatrice. If we could laugh about some of the crazy, it made our lives more bearable. The old saying that someday you will look back and laugh about this was very apropos.

And we have certainly done tons of laughing. In fact, one of our favorite activities, especially when we are all together with Sissy and Kevin, is to engage in raucous laughter. I am sure those not participating think we are over the moon nutso!

InsaneBeatrice would often become so annoyed with our loud, out of control laughing that she would say we were all insane. Kind of funny when you think about it. Like the pot calling the kettle black!

Oprah has a question she always asks during interviews:

What do you know for sure?

Abby, Sissy, Kevin and I would each have our own way of answering that question. But we all would agree that we would rather laugh than cry, sticking together is better than falling apart and you can’t fix crazy!

The lessons learned along the way with ‘The Crossed WiresTwisted Sisters have been valuable life lessons. We know we are not responsible for their impaired perceptions or their inability to parent. We also know that it would just be an excuse, a rather poor one, for us to use our past as the reason for our failures. We learned how to buck up, suck it up and stand on our own.

We also learned how valuable psycho-babbling can be for our own mental health! We have spent hours on both Beatrice and Mary analyzing them and always come up with the same diagnosis.

They were both smart, smart asses, queens of the snappy comeback and refused to accept responsibility for their own problems. Neither were in line for the Betty Crocker Award or Mother of the Year. But they would have said they were as disappointed with us as we were with them.

Tragic Life StoriesNow some may view that as tragic, but the four of us borrow Beatrice’s favorite saying from the movie, ‘Babe’, “It is what it is.” Now you can psycho-babble that until the cows come home, or in this case, the pigs.

Just remember that we believe ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’!

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