The Ice Man Cometh

Cold DrinkAs I was reaching for my full glass of ice water this afternoon, I was reminded of another incident involving ice cubes that was far from normal. Mother loved a cold drink. This should not be a shock to anyone who knew her or has read about her adventures here.

The task of making ice cubes, however, eluded her. This certainly dates us, but in those good old days of yesteryear, if you wanted ice cubes you had to make them. The magic of automatic icemakers was years away when we were children.

The process of having ice available for your drink in our childhood involved ice cube trays that you filled up with water and then put in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. Of course it would take several hours or maybe even overnight for the process to work. The next day, you would be rewarded with a tray full of ice cubes.

Gin, Tonic and FallHere’s the problem: like everything else in Mother’s world, this took effort and a small bit of planning. If you wanted ice cubes for your special drink, you had to put water in the trays in advance. Mother did not like anyone or anything dictating to her what she needed to do to have the outcome she desired. It was just too much pressure.

Of course, this caused quite a problem in our humble abode. Mother would go to the refrigerator, glass in hand, open the freezer and begin bellowing:

Where the hell are the ice cubes I just made?

To be truthful, she should have added “back in 1956.”

Then she continued:

Who forgot to fill up these damn trays with water?  If I get my hands on you, you will be sorry!

DrunkUsually my sister Abby and I had walked out the front door to get away from the yammering and escape the blame game. No matter. Mother continued on her rage until she was worn out and took refuge in her big green recliner. If she had been sipping the juice, she would be out cold for the next several hours and we were once again free from the frantic frenzy.

My sister and I love ice to this day and always make sure to have plenty on hand. It means we cared enough to plan and remembered that the ice man cometh only if you plan for him.

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