The Iron Lady

3 brown bottlesIn her way, our mother was The Iron Lady (and I am not talking about Margaret Thatcher).

One of Mary’s ideas on how to ruin Abby’s and my mornings was to make us take liquid iron.  Every morning right after eating some of her homemade barf breakfast, Mary would get out the dreaded bottle of iron.

First, the smell was enough to make you vomit. Then to actually have to swallow a big tablespoon just about caused us to hurl up the contents of our stomach.  Off to school we would head, smelling horrible and feeling like we had sucked down the contents of a sewer.

Sometimes the other kids at school would wrinkle up their nose because of the strong odor of iron.  It was not a pleasant smell and I’m sure those with weak stomachs had theirs churning.

Mary prided herself on doing this ritual every morning like she was soon to be nominated for Mother of the Year.  Abby and I thought it was the worst possible way to begin your morning.

To this day, if we ever even think about our days of taking iron, we both feel our gag reflex kick in and remember how happy we were when Mary lost interest in ruining our mornings with iron.

It was quickly replaced with her dreaded screeching about heading out the door so she could get on with her day.  Scrabble was calling and you must not get in the way of another marathon tournament!

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