The Staples

When Dad went shopping for groceries, he always made sure to buy the staples. Eggs, bread and milk were all necessities and he knew that they were ingredients in several easy to fix meals. He also bought some kind of meat so that when we went home, hopefully a meal would be fixed.

If no one was “in the mood to cook,” you could Scrambled Eggs Super!always make scrambled eggs and toast. It may seem odd that you had to be in the mood since it was an everyday occurrence. However, both our mother (Dad’s first wife) and our stepmother (Dad’s second wife) had an aversion to planning so looked for any excuse to get out of the kitchen.

Our Dad enjoyed simple pleasures in life. A home cooked meal, a lovely day outdoors, rides in the country, playing his guitar and singing, but most of all he loved his family. He was never happier than when we were all gathered together, whether for a holiday or just a family get-together.

Thank goodness for eggs, bread and milk! We could always count on Dad for the basics.



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