Throwing Fits

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of EmotionsThis subject needed its own post because my mother threw so many fits.  She was a bit unhinged and her mood could change on a dime.  When I walked in the house after being at school all day, I never knew whether I would find the good witch or the bad witch.  Way too many times it was the bad witch waiting to start screaming about some imagined slight or a failure to perform some task.  Mary could begin screaming and work herself right up to a fit.  The fits sometimes would include physical assaults.

Eventually she would be exhausted and she would crash.  Then she would knock on the door of the extremely small bedroom and begin apologizing and saying she didn’t know why she acted the way she did.  At first I was receptive to these contrite expressions, but after a while, I realized it for the dance it was.  She threw fits, became exhausted, and was filled with remorse–until next time.  I finally refused to participate in her cycle of anger and of course, and that infuriated her more. She finally thought up the reason for all her hostility and she shared it with us.  All of her anger and mood swings were caused by the menopause.

I was terrified of the menopause since I thought it went on for twenty years and made you positively insane!

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