Two Real Firecrackers

With the 4th of July upon us, it is time to explain a bit more about a couple of real live firecrackers, our mother Mary and our stepmother Beatrice. Our mother was always loud and did not learn the fine art of whispering. She was born with a voice that did not lend itself to softness or quiet. It seems her volume was stuck on loud and she continued yelling and bellowing her entire life.

FireworksMother seemed to groove on fireworks, but not the ones used for celebrating Independence Day. No, Mother preferred real life fireworks that she herself made and then set off. The louder, the better. If she could yell loud enough, then you would be forced to listen. She honestly thought that the louder you were  determined if you won the “contest.”

Jack DanielsIt could be that the special drinks in her aluminum glasses made her believe all the nonsense she spewed forth. Partaking of liquor can make one behave in less than stellar parenting mode and, of course, with Mother moderation was not a known concept.

Our stepmother Beatrice also was a real firecracker. She was just as explosive and you never knew for sure what would set her off. She had a short fuse and often exploded over the silliest things. One time she became so upset by the teenagers living in her home that she said she could not wait until we had all moved out and she would close the kitchen. No more cooking and no more messes. A dream come true for her!

Since our stepmother’s cooking skills were sorely lacking, it really was no great loss for us.

Growing up with firecrackers in our midst made us all appreciate the celebration known to all as Independence Day. Watching fireworks that you knew would end was quite a novel concept. Yes, they were loud but they were also beautiful and glorious. And they ended with a tremendous finale.

Mother and Beatrice did not find the Fourth of July fireworks entertaining. I think it was just too much competition!

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