Circling the wagon with a broken spoke

When our beloved sister Sissy passed, on an early November evening, the telephone tree lit up with disbelief. Yes, we knew she had cancer and had recently enlisted the services of hospice, but we had made plans to go and visit and help in any way she would wish. I was planning on heading out the very next Tuesday and unfortunately, she passed on Sunday.

My sister Abby was the one to deliver the sad news to Kevin and me. We would have to wait for the details regarding the service. In shock, as were our darling nieces, we consoled one another. Or should I say, Abby and I consoled each other. Kevin was incommunicado. He told Abby on the phone that he would do whatever was necessary to make it through the service.

The day of the service came and we all gathered at the church. Kevin was distant and although we left in a rather cordial way, we have not heard from him since. He has had hip replacement and is currently recovering at home. Not a word from him about it. Facebook became my information source when he posted a comment.

One of our spokes is broken and although I am hopeful that we it will be repaired, I am somewhat doubtful. You see, Abby and I love being a family and truly it is all we ever wanted. When our family was enlarged by the marriage of Dad to Beatrice, we knew how important it was to stick together. Although we have been this mixed up blended bunch of dysfunction, it was our family.  For more than fifty years, we have been together. It seems a shame that one of our spokes has decided to break the wagon, sever the relationship and pretend we never were close.

They say the truth will set you free. Here’s hoping Kevin will have an awakening, fix his spoke and bring the wagon full circle back to his family.

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