The Cost Of Doing Business

After completing some business errands today, I had to laugh about how different my sister and I are when taking care of business compared to our mother. If Mother was handling this, time would not be important to her. If she got around to calling and was told she had the wrong office, watch out! No doubt the insults would fly.

What are you talking about? I know what number I called. How dare you accuse me of dialing the wrong number!

The woman could turn on a dime when it came to verbal assaults.

Mother may or may not have followed through and called the correct number. If she did it certainly wouldn’t be on the same day or maybe even in the same week. When told it would be necessary to send a money order, another riot would ensue.

What do you want from me? You must think I have all day to do your bidding. I don’t know what the big deal is about sending money orders. Cash not good enough for you?

Another week or two would go by and if either my sister or I inquired about the business she needed to attend to, Holy Hell would break out.

Whose business is it of yours? If I wanted your help I would have asked for it. Keep out of my business you little busybodies!

The truth is Mother had difficulty following through and because she took every comment as a personal attack on her as a person, she was not a happy camper most days. Picking up film (which for those youngsters out there is when you pick up photos developed by a professional) always took several days to complete. No doubt there are several packages of photographs of two darling little urchins (my sister and I) that are awaiting pickup to this  day.

Mother took the task of doing business and made it out to be a huge undertaking that was difficult to complete in one day. No way would she have called two offices, written a letter, printed it off, filled out an envelope, driven to the bank to get the aforementioned money order and mailed it at the post office. Maybe all in the same month. But then again maybe not.

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