Crazy Good or Crazy Bad?

Crazy can be good when describing someone or it can be bad when describing someone else…like our mother. I like the crazy good fun that my sister Abby and I always have when we are together. We laugh like crazy. We talk like crazy and we just act plain crazy. Believe me, it is crazy good! Whenever my sisters and I get together, the crazy good factor increases exponentially. Sisters having a crazy good time. It just doesn’t get any better than that! Add in our brother Kevin and the crazy good times just roll.

Now our mother on the other hand was crazy bad. Time spent with her was not a rollicking good time. In fact, far from it. Often she was crazy drunk or crazy mean or just plain crazy. In desperate need for mental health help, when you refuse to admit you have a problem, it is impossible to get treatment. The problem was never her but always someone or something else. Usually her children.

Our stepmother Beatrice also had this talent for blaming others and refusing to look inward. Self discovery was not her strong suit and it became a pattern with both to lay the blame at outside influences whenever possible. Mainly the children.

All of this crazy bad behavior never stopped us kids from being crazy good. In fact, we are often labeled by others as the life of the party. Humor does heal lots of life’s wounds. And we don’t have a problem with people calling us crazy, as long as they add:

I mean it in a good way. You know, crazy good!

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