Dancing with the Angels

AngelOur dear sister Sissy went to Heaven after a long and courageous battle with an ugly disease called pancreatic cancer. We had been praying for a miracle for her complete recovery from this disease but we know the miracle of complete healing was granted the moment she passed from her earthly home to her home in Heaven. Thankfully her daughters, Diana and Raquel, were at her side and in true family style felt the presence of God as Sissy flew up to Heaven.

I like to think of her being greeted by the love of her life, her husband Donald, and by Dad and Honey. I can see the happy faces as they all embrace. Then I imagine the dancing begins as Dad, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley begin strumming on their guitars and join in a chorus of “Amazing Grace”. And oh the smiles and hugs abound!

I find solace in knowing that she is no longer in pain, no worries and no stress. And that she is sharing a few new dance moves from her famous (or infamous) “Untouchables Dance”. If that doesn’t put a smile on all the angels faces, I don’t know what would.

Sissy found joy in her family, her friends and her faith. Her faith was fierce and she could pray like no no other. The heartfelt words just spilled from her mouth and when finished, we always ended with a big Amen. She loved to laugh and I was her best audience. We used to say if she ever went on the road with her comedy routine, I would be planted in the audience to make sure the laughs began.

We sisters shared a special bond and after almost fifty-two years of being a family, I can tell you it just wasn’t long enough. She knew she was loved. She knew she was treasured. And she knew we would miss her and oh, how we will!

Sissy is dancing with the angels now and we are left to remember the special spirit that is our Dear Sissy. Until we meet again.

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