What Is A Family?

After finding a wonderful definition of family, it caused me to ponder exactly what connects us. Is it just blood that makes us a family? Or is it something deeper and often more meaningful?

The definition I found is:


1.  one of life’s greatest blessings

2.  a group of individuals living under one roof:  household

3.  a group of persons sharing a common ancestry:  clan

4.  a social unit of people who will love and support each other through the good times and the bad

Using this definition, we are connected as family in many ways. Being a family means you stay connected no matter what. It isn’t just about being related by genetic makeup.

Being from a blended family (a term I find much more appropriate than saying a “broken family“) has its challenges. Since the siblings, Abby, Sissy, Kevin and me were all children when we combined our family, we were all just trying to find our place at the table. It wasn’t easy but we muddled through and became a family.

As we grew and got married, had children and moved away, we still believed we were a family. Through life’s struggles there were divorces, remarriages and illness. Our beloved, treasured Sissy flew up to Heaven on November 3rd. We are now just three. Connected by this thing we call a family, even though one of the three is missing.

Because we share our story and a history, we have had many people in our lives. We have always tried to stay loyal to this family and although we still care for our siblings’ ex’s, we have always kept the sibling on  the front burner. We try not to take sides but to remain loyal to that bond.

However; after dear Sissy’s passing, we were reconnected with Dorothy, Macy’s mom and former spouse of Kevin. This pain of losing Sissy became a common thread that we shared. Upon Dorothy’s return home, she discovered some bad news of her own and suffice it to say, she is on that emotional roller coaster that no one wishes to be on.

So, this blended, mixed up family has opened its arms to welcome her back into the fold. Dorothy is sweet, funny, charming and most of all she loves us, as we do her. The fact she has raised an amazing daughter, Macy, is another thing we love about her.

Although we may not share genetics, we are all still family. And like all other families “who will love and support each other through the good times and the bad”, that is our mission.

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