Finding Love in the Psych Ward

InsaneMental illness does not run in our family, it gallops. One case in point is Aunt Marty’s daughter Kathy Ann.

Kathy Ann stayed with us one time when she was a little girl and Aunt Marty couldn’t take any more time more time off from her job (yes, the job where she wore her bathing suit to work one day). Anyway, when Kathy Ann grew up, she married Rick, an abusive individual who beat on her and her two little girls until Aunt Marty threatened to take the children away from her. At that point, Kathy Ann agreed to get a divorce and stop being a human punching bag.

Her second husband John was a super nice guy, but he refused to work. Kathy Ann ended up supporting him, the two little girls and a son she had with John. Ultimately, Kathy Ann grew tired of this arrangement and she bailed out of her second marriage.

I guess she was having some mental problems (very much like her Aunt Mary), and she ended up in the psych ward. It was there that she found husband number three, Tony, who was also in the Psychiatric Ward and going through anger management classes.

Aunt Marty was furious when she found out Kathy Ann and Tony were getting married.

You don’t look for a husband in the psych ward!

she exclaimed.

Especially not someone with anger management issues.

In case you think I am being too rough on people with mental issues, remember some of my favorite people are a little unhinged. Dealing with my mother’s mental problems was exhausting, but I have been able to be supportive of friends and family member as they struggle with all sorts of problems. I guess I do find it a little bit funny that Kathy Ann found her mate in a psych ward, but who am I to stand in the way of true love? As far as I know, he hasn’t taken any of his anger out on her.

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