Have You Ever Been 86’d From A Bar?

BarOn one of our visits to southern California to see Mother and husband number three, Tom, we learned about a new term. It happened apparently when mother and her partner in crime, Tom, were drinking (a real shocker there!) at one of their favorite dives. Mother told us this tale of woe when we were discussing one of their former favorite dumps.  Mother said:

You know we can’t go there!  That’s the place that 86’d Tom.

Needless to say, my sister Abby and I were shocked and perplexed. We wondered exactly what being 86’d from a little shack meant. Well, not to worry. We couldn’t stop ourselves from biting on mother’s latest bait. My sister said:

What are you talking about?

Mother in her infamous manner roared back:

You don’t need to play dumb with me!  You both know exactly what it means!  Quit the innocent shit with me!

By this time, Abby and I were laughing nervously and trying to convince mother that we not only had no idea what being 86’d meant but it that it had never happened to us. This did not sit well with mother’s logic or lack thereof. She shouted:

Of course you know what I’m talking about! You both try to act so innocent when I know it’s just a game you two play!

Again we tried our best to convince her we had no idea what she was talking about. Mother finally gave up and said:

It’s police lingo for being kicked out and told you can never return.

What was she talking about? The police had been called and had to tell Tom (and no doubt our mother) to get out and to never return to the little hellhole again?

Mother of course acted as if this was just an everyday occurrence and no big deal. My sister and I were horrified. We have never been asked to leave any establishment and ordered not to return. This was a new dip into the depths of depravity. And Abby and I did our usual quick escape so we could laugh uproariously.

Later when we were with Dad, our stepmother Beatrice and Sissy, my sister had shared the story with them and they hatched a plan for Sissy to pretend she had been 86’d to play a joke on me. They went in for the kill and tried to convince me that Sissy had been 86’d and didn’t know what the big deal was since it had happened to just everybody she knew. Once again, I nibbled on the bait but quickly realized this was their attempt to see if they could fool me. It worked briefly but I figured it out and we all had a good laugh.

Abby and I know of only one person (maybe two, if you count our mother) who has ever been 86’d from a dumpy dive joint. They say you can judge a person by the company they keep. Well, looks like our mother was well on her way to low rentsville!

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