I’m Ready For My Close-Up, Mr. Demille

Ready for my Close-UpIt seems that while volunteering at our local VA Hospital, something memorable always happens. This week was no different. I was greeting veterans and their families when an elderly man said to me:

All you need to do is keep lookin’ beautiful and someday you’ll get a screen test and you’ll be a star.

I was laughing on the inside, and I thanked him graciously for the compliment and smiled for the rest of the day.

I often hear such compliments, and they are almost always from an elderly veteran who questions how I could possibly be retired since I am way too young. I direct them to the eye clinic on the second floor to have their eyes tested. We all share a good chuckle and I am reminded once again why I love my time at the VA.

Once again I was reminded of one of Dad’s stories when he worked for a man by the name of Dick Landis. Dick loved to make comments like the above to women he met at coffee shops, restaurants and so called “gentleman’s clubs.” He would loudly say to the buxom waitress:

Hey there Miss America, boy are you a beauty.

He also would tell them how much he enjoyed their special attributes, which translated to mean the more skin they showed, the more he enjoyed them. Now Dick was married but enjoyed what he called “window shopping.” He loved good food, showgirls and a good story.

Later in life when Dick Landis needed to renew his drivers license, he told Dad another whopper of a story. Dad wondered how in the world he was able to renew his license. Dick told Dad:

Oh, that was easy. I just passed the examiner a fifty dollar bill and voila, I passed.

So much for the integrity of state government.

Dick Landis has long since passed away but his memory stays alive every time one of his stories is repeated. My sister and I will make sure that all the ‘Far From Normal’ chapters in our lives will pass on for the next generation. Dad always said to keep the story alive and we have done our best to do that. Remember your story so you can keep your family memories alive too.

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