The Indian School

As you may remember if you have been reading the blog, my mother enjoyed supporting a number of rather dubious charities.  All any charity had to do to receive her money was to ask.  Remember the Chinese Bibles?

Last evening, CNN had a report on an Indian school in North Dakota.  The reporter began showing the dream-catchers and other small trinkets sent to those who donated to the school.  Well, I had to get right on the phone with my sister Lindy.

 They’re showing the Indian school Mother sent so much money to.

I told her.  My mother had been such a steady contributor that she received regular phone calls in addition to the letters pleading for money.  Several times Lindy and I had walked in on her in the middle of one of her Indian school phone calls.  She had always agreed to send money and she did.  The school sent her an odd assortment of moccasins, dream-catchers, and bookmarks most with “Made in China”.

Whenever Lindy or I tried to talk her out of supporting the Indian school, she said we were selfish and just wanted her money for ourselves.  She believed she was single-handedly supporting Indian students in their quest for an education.

Sadly, according to the program, all the solicitations raise fifty one million dollars a year!  And one half of that goes to the fundraisers!  All of the money my mother so proudly sent to “Indian education” went several directions before a small amount ended up in the Indian school education fund.

Once again, my sister and I were wrong and Mother was right about her charities.  She considered herself extremely generous when in truth, she was extremely gullible.  She would give to anything that sounded like a good thing without checking for any type of reference.  I guess a lot of older people do this, but it really is a shame.  I wonder how these “charities” sleep at night after bilking older folks out of their money.


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