A Brief Intermission

Bristol Law School courtroomIn order to protect Abby and me from any liability that might be incurred, we have decided to postpone most of the tales of Beatrice.

We would not want to jeopardize our somewhat tenuous relationship with her and do not wish to cause her any more angst than she has already caused for herself.

Please bear with us as we take a break from our stepmother. During this intermission we will move ahead to Mary’s Later Adventures in the Midwest.  Fasten your seat belts for another bumpy ride on the emotional roller coaster. And this ride is Rated Scary, kids.

After a journey that began in Indiana, then took her to Illinois, and led her to a “new life” in California, Mary finds herself called back home. Fast forward to the summer of 1997.

The plan is for Abby and I to drive to southern Indiana where the further south you go, the lower the IQ you encounter among the locals. And, for some reason, the further south into Indiana I go, the more IQ points I lose.

I’m not sure if it’s the accent, the poor use of grammar, or the constant requests for sweet tea.  For whatever reason, I find myself unable to think clearly and am subject to emotional meltdowns.

Normally I am an intelligent, clear thinking person.  Get me close to the hillbillies and those who refer to themselves as “our kin”, and I begin to transform into one of them.  Not a pretty sight!  But as we all know, these adventures are far from normal!

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