It’s Always Chili in Los Angeles

Once our mother relocated to Southern California, our primary way of communicating with her was by phone. No matter what the season happened to be, whenever I was talking to her on the phone and asked what they had for dinner, she replied


She claimed it was the favorite meal of Tom’s (victim/husband number three). But my sister and  I had doubts about that.

pot of chiliFirst of all, we both knew how she made chili and wondered if Tom had the stomach for it.  Our mother began with bacon grease, to which she added the most fat laden ground beef available.  After the meat was sufficiently burned she added chili beans, kidney beans and pinto beans.  The liquid was water and tomato juice and tons of seasonings.

Mother would cook this mess all day and then leave it on the stove until dinnertime.  It might sit there for several hours or several days until the pot was empty.

When the pot was crusted over and the bottom was black, Mary would soak the pot in her sink for several days.  She would attempt to scrub the gunk out from the bottom and the process would begin all over again.

She would say she was seasoning her pot.  Most people would say she was just too lazy to clean it.

Somehow Tom was able to eat her food and never got sick.  Must have been all the alcohol in his system.



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