A Long, Strange Trip

After days of blood, sweat, and tears preparing for our mother’s move from southern Indiana to be closer to where I lived, “Moving Mother” day had finally arrived. My sister Abby and I showed up, as planned, at 8:00 a.m. I reminded Abby that if our mother refused to get in the car that I was fine with that decision.

Chalk OutlineAs we opened the door to her habitat, she was nowhere to be seen. My poor sister freaked out, sure that Mother was dead. I ventured in and began yelling her name.

No answer.

With trepidation, I stepped further into the house, shouting for her as by this time she was practically deaf. As I approached her bathroom I saw her trying to get ready for her momentous move.

GargoyleWe loaded Mother up for the twelve hour car ride and I could feel the little town she had tormented for years let out a sigh of relief as we pulled away. Mother fell asleep almost immediately and when I glanced in the backseat, it looked as if she had shuffled off this mortal coil. When I mentioned this possibility to my sister, another freakout ensued, only to be calmed when my sister poked Mother and got a reaction indicating she was still among the living.

On the roadWe only stopped for bathroom breaks and food. The next big concern was how to get Mother in and out of the car and into the bathroom. She was not in good physical shape, refused to use a walker and had serious balance issues. With Abby on one side and me on the other we were able to extricate her from the backseat. She was wobbly at best and we were prepared for her to make a big production out of the visit to the bathroom.

Back in the car, she promptly fell asleep again. Abby and I knew we could not go through that again so decided to drive through for our lunch and eat in the car. We made no mention of the bathroom in the hopes that we would not need to call the jaws of life for the next extrication. All I can say is thank God for Depends!

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