How about a lovely revolving red light for Christmas?

After Charles and I had officially become a couple, he came to our family Christmas bearing gifts. Now, our family always enjoyed every aspect of Christmas. From the food to the decorations to the friends and family, we thought Christmas was the best! And we especially enjoyed the exchange 0f special presents. So, when Charles agreed to join me in Illinois, he knew he would have to come up with some gifts for me.

One hint: Charles is gift challenged. Let me proceed. On awakening Christmas morning, we all rushed to the Christmas tree, which was laden with an overabundance of presents.The opening of gifts always happened once everyone was up and at the tree.

Dad would hand out the presents so everyone had a gift to open. We then would ooh and ahh over each gift. Finally, he handed me one of the two “special” presents from Charles. I could hardly wait to rip them open but tried to show some restraint. I opened the bigger box first and took out a large, red, revolving light that you attach to your car when you have had car trouble.

I tried hard to hide my disappointment and thought that the other gift, which was wrapped up in a smaller box, might redeem him.

I carefully opened the smaller box and lo and behold, it was wrapped in tissue paper! And I could see a glimmer of silver. Oh boy! Maybe, just maybe, it was a necklace or bracelet that he picked out just for me! I slowly unwrapped the tissue paper and out fell some kind of strange-looking contraption that I had only seen used at gas stations. No, this was neither a necklace nor was it a bracelet.

It was a tire pressure gauge! Merry Christmas to me!

Charles was quick to explain the practicality of his gift giving; since I traveled frequently from Illinois to Iowa and had been known to have car trouble along the way.

In my mind I actually found the question running around, trying to comprehend the situation; and the question was:

Did he just say the word practical?

Now, I wasn’t born yesterday, and no one wishes to hear the word practical and Christmas in the same sentence.

Needless to say, Charles has never lived down the year he gave me practical gifts for Christmas and he learned a very valuable lesson. Never give your girlfriend or your wife presents of a practical nature. Although red is a Christmas color, I much prefer green if you know what I mean.

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