Martha Stewart Doesn’t Live Here

Most people wish to select their own home for purchase, or at least to see the home before purchasing or moving into it. But not Mother. When she and Husband Number Three had decided to move from a Los Angeles suburb back to her old stomping grounds in southern Indiana, she asked a “dear friend” to find an appropriate house. My sister and I had never heard this the name of this “dear friend” before.

Real Estate signsThe friend first suggested a home near her own, but quickly changed her recommendation to one across the small town. My sister and I were not surprised that Mother’s “dear friend” had reconsidered the desirability of having our mother within striking distance. Mother and Tom purchased the recommended home sight unseen and quickly made plans to move.

When she and Tom arrived in Indiana, her sister Aunt Marty insisted on coming down to help her unpack. There were many boxes sitting around in every room and Aunt Marty wanted to get everything unpacked and arranged. Mother had no intention of getting organized. She blamed this on Tom and said that he did not want Aunt Marty and Uncle Larry’s assistance. They returned back to Chicago frustrated.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia LogoSeveral months after they moved to Indiana, my sister and I visited them. The welcome mat said, “Martha Stewart Doesn’t  Live Here,” and that was so true.

The boxes from the move were still standing, mostly unpacked, where the movers had left them.  I picked up an empty candy box and Mother told me

Put that right back where you found it.

I explained that I was just trying to tidy up and she replied

I don’t come to your house and clean.

I told her I wished she would, but as you already know, that was never going to happen in our far from normal world.

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