Mickey Mouse Blues Part Two

Yes, we attended the wedding and yes, we had a two day pass to the Disney attractions; however, let me tell you right now that a good time was not had by all. First of all the rooms were just as described: small and awful. We arrived on Friday evening and, with no car, we were worried we would be forced to endure the dreaded food court.

Luckily, several of John’s nieces and nephews had been there for a few days and they were completely sick of the food court.

Let’s go to Downtown Disney.

one of them said. We all took a bus and several of them raced over to the T-Rex restaurant to put in a reservation for thirty.  (Yes, you read right. They wanted thirty people to sit down together and eat.) The wait was two hours, but once we were seated, the food and entertainment were good. I, of course, was seated by the nun who wanted to go over her trip to the Holy Land.  (If you have trouble sleeping, I can have her call you and recite the entire trip. You will definitely be sleeping before she finishes.)

On Saturday before the wedding, I was prepared for typical food court food: hot dogs, hamburgers, and fries. What I was wasn’t prepared for were the exorbitant prices for this extremely mediocre food. Two hot dogs and a few cold fries were over twenty dollars!

The wedding was beautiful. The bride and groom arrived at the reception in the Cinderella carriage and Mickey and Minnie were there too!  During the reception, two performance artists showed up. They had giant name tags identifying them at “Dave” and “Pat.” Dave had a camera around his neck and Pat had a feather boa and sunglasses. They were extremely funny, saying things like they had seen the wedding information on Facebook and that they had to get back to Alabama for Dave’s parole hearing. It was obvious to me that they were performers; however, some of John’s family is humor-impaired and they thought they were real guests! I found that very funny.

Next day it was time to go to Disney. Off we went to the Animal Park which we loved. Giraffes were right next to our tram! Then we went to Epcot which was not much fun.

On Monday morning, we were at the Magic Kingdom when it opened. We could walk right on to some of the most memorable rides: Pirates of the Caribbean and the Jungle Ride. We tried the Haunted Mansion and It’s a Small World, but I must tell you that the magic wasn’t as magical as it once was. The special effects that seemed so wonderful are now tired and rather ho-hum.

On the airplane going home, I asked John what his favorite ride was and he said “the bus ride back to the airport.”

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