No Money Down

Credit cardAbby and I visited Mary several times after her move out west.  We did not stay long as there was usually a Mary-induced meltdown by someone.

One particular visit, Mary decided it would be nice if she purchased some clothing for us.  She had neglected to send us presents for our birthdays or Christmas so was feeling a bit guilty.  For some unknown reason she had been issued a credit card.  This from a woman who if she hadn’t had bad credit would have had none at all.

Mary offered the credit card to us and suggested we spend time at the mall and treat ourselves.  Abby and I were delighted on two counts: Mary was not going and we could purchase something special on her dime.

We looked at all the clothing and selected some nice items.  The problem came when we tried to use her card to purchase the clothing.  The clerk was less than accommodating.  In fact she made us feel like we were doing something wrong.

Abby politely explained the situation and the clerk asked if our mother was in the store.  After several minutes of discussion, Abby and I left the store without the special treats.

Upon our return empty handed, Mary wished to see what we had purchased.  We explained the credit card fiasco and she shrugged her shoulders, offering the lame excuse

Well, at least I tried.

Lesson learned:  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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